I am detaching myself from the computer this weekend.  See you Monday!!!


Living Authentically

I have been thinking about this a lot lately.  My therapist is reading a book about family roles right now, and she shared with me a role I strive to be, everyday.  The leveler.  Basically, the leveler responds and communicates with people from their inner truth.  The way they are feeling, they show it.  They let their thoughts be known out in the open.  But they are also kind and compassionate.  They are comfortable with themselves.  With who they are, among other people, for instance.  This is something I strive for.  Being honest and being myself everyday.


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Taking it on

So I woke up this morning, and looked around my bedroom.  It’s a mess, and to be honest, it could use a paint job, and I’m sick of looking at everything that decorates.  The colored lights, the fabric covering the window, they’ve been there for years.  Then I thought about a woman, who recently told me that she has made a serenity space for herself.  You know, I’d really like that for myself.  So, it’s on.  I’ve always procrastinated this.  But it’s on.  More to come.


Blog – o – rama

I will probably be changing a lot of things about my blog at some point.  I’ll probably be moving to blogspot.   So stay tuned!  I am taking Liv Lane’s class, on how to build a blog you truly love.  Today was the first day, and I’m already excited.  Lots of blog ideas are a cookin’ in my mind 🙂

Best. Site. EVER!!!!

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prom pre-show: unplugged in whitewater

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Joy: I may be getting out more in the community and be part of a social group.  Jane Austen.  Girls with guitars.  Finding peace.  Harry Potter.  My family.  The Funky Flea!  Sunshine and shade – aka, sitting in my backyard.  There’s no hurry, remember that.  My job.  Routine & schedule is key.  Being myself.  You’re turn 🙂


Lately, whenever I come here, I don’t want to write.  I am scared.  I am scared to be honest, because, what if the real me isn’t good enough.


I am reading a book called Getting Past Your Past.  It’s about EMDR therapy and even though I’m only in the beginning of the book, I notice that its been soothing to me, already.

Despite what I said in my very first entry here, I am still an artist. I still make art.

I LOVE Sarah Silverman!

Here’s a couple more on my To Do List before I turn 30:

25.  Don’t be afraid to be myself, even to the cashier at the grocery store.  Dare to be cute and funny.  My way.

26.  Get on an airplane and go someplace AMAZING.  Maybe California 🙂

I signed up for a Chinese language class to take over the summer.  I hope it goes through.  Sometimes they don’t because of low enrollment.  Keep your fingers crossed for me….
xoxo,  Amy

Yesterday, work was first crazy and weird, then nice.  Crazy and weird, because of my mood, basically.  I guess I have been stressed.  I have pinpointed what is making me stressed though, which is good. Then it was nice.  Really, a nice surprise, because I brought my artwork in for Lorraine to see.  She is an artist, and went to school for art.  She really encouraged me.  She gave me a positive critique of my illustrations, telling me what she likes, what she thinks I need to work on, etc.  I really enjoyed talking to her.  Thank you Lorraine!

Today is my birthday! Here’s a few more things I’ve added to my list

15.  Find ways to make art fun.

16.  Be more honest, open, and assertive.

17.  Save my money.

18.  Buy a bike.

19.  Take some classes in drawing and language

20.  Garden.

21.  Spread joy to the people in my life, and the people I love.

22.  Talk more to Terry, the library clerk, who is so nice.

23.  Take more walks in nature.

24.  Trust, have faith, and take healthy risks.