Yesterday, work was first crazy and weird, then nice.  Crazy and weird, because of my mood, basically.  I guess I have been stressed.  I have pinpointed what is making me stressed though, which is good. Then it was nice.  Really, a nice surprise, because I brought my artwork in for Lorraine to see.  She is an artist, and went to school for art.  She really encouraged me.  She gave me a positive critique of my illustrations, telling me what she likes, what she thinks I need to work on, etc.  I really enjoyed talking to her.  Thank you Lorraine!

Today is my birthday! Here’s a few more things I’ve added to my list

15.  Find ways to make art fun.

16.  Be more honest, open, and assertive.

17.  Save my money.

18.  Buy a bike.

19.  Take some classes in drawing and language

20.  Garden.

21.  Spread joy to the people in my life, and the people I love.

22.  Talk more to Terry, the library clerk, who is so nice.

23.  Take more walks in nature.

24.  Trust, have faith, and take healthy risks.



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