Gratitude, Inspiration, Joy

Gilmore Girls 2nd Season complete DVD set.

Drawing in my sketchbook.

Upcoming art festivals.

Barnes & Noble. 

Install a no BS clause in your life.

Trust yourself.  You know more than you think you do.

Awkward and Beautiful. 



Setback.  I feel like I have been really bad lately.  Not ME, but my issues.  I have been really avoidant and its been difficult reaching out to make my circle of friends larger.  I do want to thank the people in my life who care though, you guys truly rock.


Animal Instinct

“When something doesn’t feel right, that’s reason enough.  And that is the only reason you need.”  –Danielle LaPorte (The Fire Starter Sessions)

“Trust yourself.  Trust yourself trust yourself trust yourself.”  –Genevieve, my awesome coworker, with her hands on my shoulders, looking right into my eyes.


Love & Portland…back from vacation

Hi, I was on vacation this past week.  I left on Sunday and came back today.  I was in the Mountains.  I am back now and I have things to say.
1.  I bought a ring that says Love.  It’s a personal reminder.  I think that love is complicated.  It’s something I want to do more of.

Love on a piece of paper

2.  My family and I went to lunch with a woman my mom works with when we were on vacation.  I always love hearing about this woman’s daughter.  Her daughter is my age, and she is a social worker.  She is always moving, though she has lived in Alaska for quite some time.  Anyway, I asked her, does your daughter still live in Alaska?  No she isn’t.  Guess where she just moved to, and it perked me up so much that I decided I have to visit there next year…Portland, Oregon. 

Portland, Oregon

About Me

I never told you guys this, I don’t think.  I have a mental health diagnosis.  I don’t feel comfortable saying the whole thing, but I’ll tell you it is in the depressive disorder spectrum (not bipolar).  I also have social anxiety, which I am OK saying.  I had a REALLY hard time in college 10 years ago.  That’s when it all started.  I was always sensitive as a kid.  But believe it or not, while middle school sucked, I had a few good high school years.  And when I come to think about it now, middle school wasn’t so bad either.

I have been in treatment for…over 10 years.  This is the embarrassing part of the post where I tell you, yeah, I’ve been in treatment for over ten years and I still struggle with inner issues.  Treatment.  I’m not here to explain myself to anyone, I just want to tell you about myself.  So I guess that’s that.

It’s funny the things that really help keep me together.  I take my meds, I go to therapy, and I go to work.  Right now I am struggling in some areas of wellness.  Physical health, relationships, and living up to my full potential.  But I know I’ll get there, and right now I’m doing what I know how to do.

I am not my diagnosis.  My name is Amy, and my favorite color is green.  I am 29 years old and I still have it going on.  I plan to have it going on when I’m old too.  I am so enchanted by science and other languages.  I like to paint and draw, and listen to music all at the same time.  I have a comfy yellow chair that I read books in and watch Gilmore Girls on DVD in.  I journal like its no ones business, I love to take mini road trips in my car.

So that’s “About Me” today.  What about you?