My Happiness Project, reentered (Alternate title: talking to myself)

This weekend, I have been doing a lot of cool things.  I went to an art opening at my local museum, I hung out with a friend, and I bought a puzzle on sale at B&N.  I also bought a book for 99 cents at goodwill, by Neil Gaiman, called M is For Magic, in their Halloween section.

But right now, I am feeling kind of blah.
So I sort of want to take this time to write about what doesn’t makes me happy.  What makes me downright unhappy.  One thing, I can think of, is looking at the lives of others through the internet, say, facebook, and wishing I had their life.  Or their passion.

I guess maybe I’m not sure what I’m saying.  Sometimes, a lot of times, it depends, I feel like something BIG is missing from my life.  Enjoyment.  Fun.  Other people.  Parties.  Bravery.

I looked up this guy I knew, who moved to California.  He’s a musician and loves what he does.  He was also kind of a douche to me, and I don’t even know why I’m bringing him up.  But he has a blog and facebook page, and I looked at it.  And then felt this longing.  And sadness.

I think I want a boyfriend.  And to get the hell out of my city.  And to just enjoy life.

How can I do this?

Amanda at Kind Over Matter wrote a great piece called How To Rock (This Trip Around The Sun).

I’m on it.

I am so affected by stories of people at turning points in their lives, for the better.  Shedding their skins.  I am drawn to these stories.  I need.  I need this to be my story.





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