About Me (in list form!)

1.  I have a BA degree in psychology, I don’t use it, I don’t plan to (unless the fact that I have a BA in something will get me a job)

2.  My favorite season is Fall and I have a romance with Halloween

3.  But my favorite color  is green (with a passion)

4.  I have many interests: anything artsy, languages, science, anything inspirational, good TV (you know, not the crappy stuff ), dance (especially modern… and zumba!), books and reading

5.  I usually have a very goofy sense of humor, but other times I can be quite subtle, and hard to pick up on the fact that I’m making a joke.

6.  This fall, I am taking a class in Spanish, to see how far I can get with it.  It’s something I’ve been interested in for a long time.

7.  I am 29 years old.

8.  I wait tables and it s.u.c.k.s. BUT, the benefits usually outweigh the negatives.

9.  I have decided to be single for a whole year, and love it.

10.  I am trying to listen to my body and intuition more.

11.  I have serious wander-lust.

12.  I am a bit obsessed with my local library.

My twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Amyek83


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