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I’m selling my paintings! On etsy! < So, I am selling my paintings on etsy.  It’s basically an after effect of cleaning my room out.  I have no room for some things, and well, yeah I guess you could say that one lady’s junk is another lady’s treasure?  NOT that my paintings are junk.  I just don’t want them.  I see them everyday and think they might brighten the world and space of someone else for a change.  So check em out!!!

This is Why I Love (Laura Lee Gulledge)

I love Laura Lee Gulledge.  She is the writer and illustrator of the debut graphic novel “Page By Paige.”  I love this interview, and I love that she mentions My So Called Life!  She says that she has felt like, she is on an island, referring to the type of art she does, and not many people can categorize her.  I can so relate to that statement, as well as her art in general.  Enjoy the clip!

Make your own rules

Here’s what I usually think a “Real” artist should be (note: I really only apply this to myself)

1. Studies art technique

2. Loves the great old masters

3. Is gaga over their own art, 24/7

4.  Is inspired, 24/7

None of these things are really me.  But you know what?  I still like creating art.  I like to express my emotions with paint, I like to cartoon in pen, I listen to music while I do it.  Doing these things centers me.  I usually don’t put the effort in to get REALLY good at figure drawing, I wish I did but I don’t, and I do alright.  I get excited about crafty projects like kits and workshops about anything and everything I don’t normally do like pottery, stone carving, sculpture, bookbinding, art journaling, etc.  I don’t always enjoy making art, sometimes I am soo bored doing it, so I stop and do something else.  But I am an artist, and this is my unique DNA.  I am not like anyone else, just like you.


I think I went off track for the past couple weeks.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing though.  I think it’s really good to take detours.  You can learn a lot.  Sometimes the detour turns into your new road.  MY detour, although it was nice, fun even, did not turn into my new road.  But I did find new things to ponder, and steer clear of.

I discovered Sufjan Steven’s album, Come On Feel The Illinoise.

I drew, and it felt centering and peaceful.

I went to work.

I got good news.

I had fun.

I felt really sad.

I am ok, and now I’m blogging.

I think I wanna end this blog post, first, by saying, that I am enchanted many things, but I’d like to devote my intrigue to…Paris and France today.  Go go Paris France!

Now here’s some music, adios!