Gratitude, Inspiration, Joy

Gilmore Girls 2nd Season complete DVD set.

Drawing in my sketchbook.

Upcoming art festivals.

Barnes & Noble. 

Install a no BS clause in your life.

Trust yourself.  You know more than you think you do.

Awkward and Beautiful. 


Gratitude & Green Things

Gratitude.  Its been a bit of a tough weekend for me.  But everyday, there are still things to love and be grateful for: my mom and dad, looking at family photos with my brother, Barnes & Noble, Finally planting those sunflower seeds I said I’d plant!

I leave you with some adventures I had in my front yard today:

My daddy planted a rose bush.

Lilies of the Valley: a super surprise for my birthday!

The pots I planted the sunflower seeds in!

Our beautiful Maple tree, in full bloom