This is Why I Love (Laura Lee Gulledge)

I love Laura Lee Gulledge.  She is the writer and illustrator of the debut graphic novel “Page By Paige.”  I love this interview, and I love that she mentions My So Called Life!  She says that she has felt like, she is on an island, referring to the type of art she does, and not many people can categorize her.  I can so relate to that statement, as well as her art in general.  Enjoy the clip!


My little giveaway contest

Tea and Lights

I am going to be holding a drawing for a copy of this picture on Friday, May 11th.  I made it a few years ago with pen and ink, and colored pencil.

To be entered to win my drawing, there are 3 things you have to do (it’s easy):

1. Follow my blog

2.  Follow me on twitter:!/Amyek83

3. Post a comment on this blog, telling me what your favorite color is and why.

I will pick the winner on Friday May 11th, 2012!