Love & Portland…back from vacation

Hi, I was on vacation this past week.  I left on Sunday and came back today.  I was in the Mountains.  I am back now and I have things to say.
1.  I bought a ring that says Love.  It’s a personal reminder.  I think that love is complicated.  It’s something I want to do more of.

Love on a piece of paper

2.  My family and I went to lunch with a woman my mom works with when we were on vacation.  I always love hearing about this woman’s daughter.  Her daughter is my age, and she is a social worker.  She is always moving, though she has lived in Alaska for quite some time.  Anyway, I asked her, does your daughter still live in Alaska?  No she isn’t.  Guess where she just moved to, and it perked me up so much that I decided I have to visit there next year…Portland, Oregon. 

Portland, Oregon