I think I went off track for the past couple weeks.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing though.  I think it’s really good to take detours.  You can learn a lot.  Sometimes the detour turns into your new road.  MY detour, although it was nice, fun even, did not turn into my new road.  But I did find new things to ponder, and steer clear of.

I discovered Sufjan Steven’s album, Come On Feel The Illinoise.

I drew, and it felt centering and peaceful.

I went to work.

I got good news.

I had fun.

I felt really sad.

I am ok, and now I’m blogging.

I think I wanna end this blog post, first, by saying, that I am enchanted many things, but I’d like to devote my intrigue to…Paris and France today.  Go go Paris France!

Now here’s some music, adios!