Boob Tube Lover

So I had a conversation with someone yesterday about hobbies, and my seemingly never-ending saga of a question, “How do you know what you are doing is the right thing for you?”  My friend told me this.  he said that once he stopped caring about what other people thought, and really looked inside himself and sat with it, he came to realize what his true interests and passions are (to him, that’s cars, 80s toys, and vintage and military items, among other things).

Last night, during this convo, I had a breakthrough.  I really like watching good TV (Some of my favs:  the award shows, Conan, The Office, Gilmore Girls, My So-Called Life, 30 Rock, Mad Men, Six Feet Under) I have not admitted this ever…or, at least not since High School.  I always felt like it was something shameful, or, not to be admitted that I like doing more than say, reading…cuz that would make me seem estupido?  But there you have it.  I am a boob tube lover!